New Name, Theme and another Author

With the new year comes new changes. You might have noticed some new changes already:
The blog has a new name as well as a new theme!

The reason for that is that there is not only one but two authors now for the posts of the blog. Together with Mandy, the new author Emily will be writing posts about otome and joseimuke games, but also about anime and mangas for you.

We decided to name the blog “ChillIkemen”, because of the chilling, relaxing part of the games and other stuff we will be talking about. But the “chill” part also stands for the stories, that bring a chill, in a shiver over you – like the dark twists of those stories.
With that knowledge, we adjusted the theme of the blog to the name.

That was that. Just a little information for you all!
We hope you have fun with everything that is going to come!

One response to “New Name, Theme and another Author”

  1. So exciting!! I look forward to new posts with the new team and layout!


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