Danda’s Favorite Game Series

Hello! This is Danda and today I am going to tell you about some of my favorite game series! These are listed in no particular order.

Story of Seasons

Story of Seasons, formerly known as Harvest Moon, is the series that made farming life sims a thing. Not every title in the series is a hit (the majority of the ones on the DS aren’t in my opinion) but I feel as though the series isn’t afraid of innovation.

My personal favorites in the series are A(nother) Wonderful Life, Tree of Tranquility, Animal Parade, and Trio of Towns, but sadly, if you want to marry the same gender, the two games on Switch – Friends of Mineral Town (remake) and Pioneers of Olive Town – are the only ones that allow it.

Rune Factory

Rune Factory started with a spin-off game of the Story of Seasons series, adding RPG elements to the mix and, for me, making it even better. I have not currently finished the first two entries in the series, but I have played a bit of them. Those two are a bit hard to go back after the newer entries, but they are fun to me, nonetheless. It mixes so many elements that I like in games and does it well! The main stories of the games aren’t particularly great, but they’re not bad either and they definitely make me feel the emotions that are meant to be felt when playing the story. The quality of the characters varies between the entries, but I find all of the casts to be likable.

Rune Factory 4 (Special) is my favorite game of all time. Sadly, Rune Factory 5 is the first entry to allow same gender marriage, so that is where you should start if that is important to you.

Style Savvy

Style Savvy (also known as Style Boutique) is a series with four entries – one on the DS and three on the 3DS. You play as a heroine that gets to run a boutique. Managing the boutique and styling your customers – and yourself – is very fun.

Of the four entries, I most highly recommend Trendsetters or Styling Star.

Unfortunately, with the 3DS eShop shutting down, this series may soon become obsolete if there is no Switch entry, which I am highly hoping for.

Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem is a tactical RPG series. My introduction to the series was the first Warriors game. Out of games within the first series, I have only completed the ones starting at Awakening, but I have played the majority of the seventh entry, which is the first entry released in English. I have also played a very small amount of Shadow Dragon. I like the gameplay, story, and characters of all of the entries that I have played.

While it’s not necessarily my favorite, Three Houses is the most accessible in the series, making it one of the best places to start.


I’m somewhat new to the Atelier series, having only finished Ayesha, Escha & Logy, and the first Ryza. I have played quite a bit of Ryza 2 and the first Sophie, as well. Despite being new to the series, it is definitely within my favorite game series and I can’t wait to play more. Each game follows an alchemist, usually a teenage girl, and her friends. So far, every game I’ve played in the series has been a delightful adventure.

My personal favorite entry in the series is Ayesha, but I would recommend jumping into the series with Ryza or a later, as that is where the series is going.

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