Djinny’s 5 Favorite Ikemen

As many of you know, today is White Day in East Asia, a day when the boys and men give presents as a “Thank You” back to girls and women. So, I, Djinny, wanted to take that day as an opportunity to tell you about my 5 favorite Ikemen – in no particular order – from anime, manga and games, of whom I wouldn’t mind getting some chocolate for White Day!

Alyn Crawford – Midnight Cinderella

Midnight Cinderella is one of the first otome games I played and Alyn was my first route there. I fell in love with him almost instantly. His tsundere-like personality was sometimes a bit frustrating, but he made that up with the character growth in his route. Also, his banters with Leo in all the stories were always a big highlight and always made me smile.
Even though Midnight Cinderella isn’t active anymore, the game and Alyn himself still have a big place in my heart.

Zen – Mystic Messenger

I think many of you played Mystic Messenger yourself. (Sleep? Who needs sleep if you have to read a chat at 2 am?) Luckily, I found it, when I was in my earlier university days, so I could read the routes in the semester breaks. And even though the story it is pretty controversial, I had a lot of fun with it.
When I saw it, only Zen had piqued my interest, and I started it because of him. Even though, he is pretty narcissistic, he still protects and cares about the MC and charmed me with that, too.
Also, him and me share the same birthday. I mean, how awesome is that? 😀

Hak – Akatsuki no Yona

After some games, let’s get to a manga I love. I watched the Akatasuki no Yona anime, when it came out and was so sad (and still am), that it only had 24 episodes. But I wanted more of it, so I started to read the manga and I binged that as far as I could at that time.
It is everything I could hope for in a manga: fantasy, action, drama and an awesome female lead with much character growth. Helping her with that is her bodyguard Hak and he is also a wonderful male lead of the manga. I remember how fascinated I was with the animation of his fighting in the anime, but his character are even better, also growing in the process of the story.
Hak and Yona are actually my OTP in all fandoms, but I still wouldn’t mind getting some chocolate from him, haha.
If you didn’t know about Akatsuki no Yona, I highly recommend watching the anime or reading the manga!

Claude von Riegan – Fire Emblem: Three Houses

In comparison to the other media mentioned here, Fire Emblem: Three Houses kinda looks out of place, but it felt wrong to not mention Claude in this list.
When the game came out in 2019, I didn’t own a Nintendo Switch, but I saw it mentioned or images about it everywhere on social media. And of all the three leaders, Claude caught my eye instantly. So, when home office started in 2020, I bought myself a Switch as a birthday present, plus Fire Emblem: Three Houses, so I could discover for myself why everyone was hyped about the game. And I think with 200 hours of the game, it is one of my longest played games.
And my first interest in Claude was confirmed while playing the game. He’s so charming and had me wrapped around his finger instantly.
Also, playing the game with Japanese voices, I fell in love “his” voice, coming from the Japanese voice actor Toshiyuki Toyonaga. Thanks to that, I found some new songs from him for my playlist.

Kihel – Yume 100

I’m guessing many of you don’t know about the game “Yume Oukoku to Nemureru Hyakunin no Oujisama” (English: “The Dream Kingdom and A Hundred Sleeping Princes”) or the short version, Yume 100. It is a joseimuke puzzle game, where you can collect many princes and put up teams to fight against the monsters called yumekui.
I found it through the anime of the game, that they released back in 2018 and it caught my attention because the title was about princes. And I had a phase around that time, where I consumed many media where princes were part of the story, so of course I had to watch that anime, too.
Even though, the anime didn’t really have much to do with the game, except some princes and the names of the kingdoms from the games, and it wasn’t that good either, it was fun. The biggest part of the fun for me was the prince Kihel, who was a main character of the anime. After I finished the anime, I didn’t want it to be over and wanted to learn more about Kihel. So I looked up the origin of the anime and found the game, which was sadly only in Japanese. But that didn’t stop me from download the game. Luckily, there was and still is a good wiki about the game, so it wasn’t that hard to understand. But then I saw, that the prince Kihel from the anime wasn’t even in the game, I lost interest in the game and put it away.
Some months later, I looked at the wiki again and saw that Kihel was finally part of the game, so I started again and played the story (which I sadly didn’t understand much of…) until I finally got to the point, where you can get him. And I was really happy.
Until today, they released many versions of Kihel from different events, which I try to get, but thanks to my bad gacha luck I mostly failed in that. But I also found other princes I started to like, but Kihel is still my favorite with his funny, cute and sweet nature. And I really love it, how he calls the MC “Hime-chan”, as well his “たぶんね”/”tabune” (“probably”), he uses in many sentences.
If you like collecting pretty guys, try this game out!

And that’s that! Maybe you now know my taste a bit more.
If you want to know Danda’s favorite Ikemen, she made a post about her favorite Ikemen already some time ago. You can read about it here.
Hope you all, have a great day!

One response to “Djinny’s 5 Favorite Ikemen”

  1. Hak (the English translation of his name doesn’t make sense to me, but…moving on) ruined all childhood love interests for me because he is just the ultimate, #1 childhood friend-turned-lover. I like the other 2 guys on your list as well so I’ve just added Fire Emblem: 3 Houses and Yume 100 to my wishlist haha.


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